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Best Antique Colorado license plates: Was it the tough guys in the legistature who thunk up that almost-Day-Glo lemon yellow for the 1915 porcelain that practically burns your eyes? Or are they only responsible for just the pretty pink 1917 Colorado license plate? Both are unique in platedom, and deserve kudos for attractive early-year runs. (Even if that '17 was an attempt to "out-pretty" Washington state's dainty lavender colored license plate of the same year.) Best of the "Not-so- Old Colorado license plates: The '58 skiier is least in the sense that he lookslike he can beat the poor guy flailing in the middle of the '47 Idaho. ...(Why do so many states try these things for just one year?) We hope the classic green and white skyline never goes away. It looked its best in the unreflectorized embossed years of the '70s through early '90s. Toughest/Most Rare Colorado plates: The 1913 has the reputation, though many old license plate collectors will tell you that the 1914 cobalt blue porcelain license plate is actually more rare. (We don't buy it.)

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