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Best Antique Illinois license plates: The 1927 Illinois is the most attractive old license plate from that state. But the slotted years in the teens range from interesting to bizarre, and all are unique in state issued platedom; (unless the stories of the early perforated Montana tags bear up.)

Additional honorable mention goes to a 6-year wartime fiber run. Think about it: between the slots, the cut-out '13, the holey '12, all those the fibers, AND a quarter century of flimsy lightweight license state ever issued so much tin...using so little tin! Best of the "Not-so- Old Illinois license plates: The '78 black on white Illinois license plate is nothing special. Until you consider that this is the very last dated annual plate in the US. Neighboring Indiana may have gone further, but did have a few multi-year stickered bases in the mix.) Illinois did make up for the lost "permanent base" time, with the graybar "illinois" base, which went along for 20+ years. Toughest/Most Rare Illinois plates: Whether that aluminum undated "state of Illinois" 1910 license plate is really a prestate, or actually a 1911, that would be the toughest one. If you collect antique Illinois license plates in pairs, try finding a set of 1912 tags in displayable condition.

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  • Land of Lincoln

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