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Best Antique Iowa license plates: "Best" is a subjective term, and it doesn't always mean "pretty." One of the BEST license plates ever issued in the US may have been the undated 1916 -- Iowa's first undated license plate after five years of dated tags, and which remained in use through 1918. Call us crazy, but why ever come out with a '19? The thing weighs as much as a handful of old Jerseys, and would probably still be on the cars.

Another very nice plate is the 1915 kitchen sink, an antique license plate that still looks like an antique even after you repaint it. Best of the "Not-so- Old Iowa license plates: Oh, the waffle. Did any state ever issue a waffle to rival the Corn State's '49? We think not. Toughest/Most Rare Iowa plates: The first issue white on blue 1911 Iowa license plate is not extremely rare; (no state-issued Iowa plates really are), but the early ones did tend to flake paint. If you've got an intact '11 that doesn't leave a stream of residue in the plastic sleeve each time you pull it out, you've got a keeper.

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