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Best Antique Kansas license plates: It's an eight-way tie: Take the first issues, from 1913 up through 1920. None looks too exciting all by itself, but take a look at them all together. You've got "KAN" reading uphill, "KAN" reading downhill, "KAN" interlocking...KAN it get any better? It's the colors, fonts and peculiar fact that all are undated which makes this a unique partial run of remarkable old license plates. Best of the "Not-so- Old Kansas license plates: The die-cut Kansas state shapes of the 1950s. OK, it helped the taxpayers somewhat that they lived in a state which was basically shaped like a license plate. But in some ways, the little wiggle in the northeast makes this old tag just as interesting as the full-blown Tennessee. Toughest/Most Rare Kansas plates: For full state issues, its the 1913. For types, it's the dated 1920. Curiously, the ever-changing font scheme of antique Kansas license plates just happened to deliver a 1928 that was strikingly similar to the 1920. Legends hold that some license plate collectors, (the kind you don't ever wanna trade with, and who likely aren't nice enough to actually BE from Kansas), have been known to grind the "8" in 1928 down to a zero, thereby making a phony dated '20.

New & Old Kansas License plate slogans:

  • The Wheat State
  • Midway USA

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