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Best Antique Minnesota license plates: New York, Indiana, Georgia and Wyoming each issued only one porcelain license plate, each of which was a masterpiece, and each used for just one year. Same deal with Minnesota, which was the first state to do this, back in 1911. Many collectors are unaware that there were two different varieties of the 1911 porcelain Minnesota license plates: one with a rather rich cobalt blue background, and relatively heavy porcelain overlay debossing; the other was a slighly less intense blue, with shallower debossing and distinctly different font. Minnesota immediately afterward issued a sequence of three-year-use plates, which, if taken as a group, contained certain features unique in platedom:
  • State name spelled in full, vertically
  • Natural aluminum bases in which dates, and/or state name were left unpainted
  • THREE full spelled out dates! (e.g., "1912, 1913, 1914")
  • Numbers which were outlined in raised aluminum, and "fill" painted in the center.

    Best of the "Not-so- Old Minnesota license plates: The blue green and white lake scene has been around HOW many years? In a world with a googol of gratuitous graphics, (and a few downright butt-ugly ones), the now quite old Minnesota license plates show what a graphic tag is supposed to be.

    Among older not-so-old Minnesota tags, we must mention the 1949 Centennial Waffle -- in less than five digits, which feature the funkiest of the '40's and '50's fonts for which antique Minnesota license plates are known. Toughest/Most Rare Minnesota plates: Think it's the '09, eh? Old guys named Lars or Nils, were they still around to tell the century-old tale might set you straight, you betcha! ...Because the most rare old Minnesota license plate is probably the 1910. Yah, we all know about the neat flat silver on orange 1909. But did you know that there was some resistance on the prairie to have to pay for ANOTHER license plate the following year? You see, many folks felt that paying once for one license plate was just fine. So, they refused to get themselves a '10 -- which many (but not all) antique license plate collectors consider as the most rare old Minnesota license plate.

    New & Old Minnesota License plate slogans:

  • 10,000 Lakes

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