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Best Antique New Mexico license plates: Where to begin? The 400th anniversary plates with the giant ornate zia is a beautiful old New Mexico license plate. For color scheme, you can't beat the cherry red on robin's egg blue 1937 license plate. Best of the "Not-so- Old New Mexico license plates: If the Second World War is our cut off between antique New Mexico license plates and NOT SO OLD plates, then the 1946 bears mentioning. While yellow and red is a recurring theme for both new and old New Mexico license plates, the yellow is unusually light while the red is unusually dark, making it stand out. Not only is it tough to find this plate with good paint, it is most unusual because of what appears to be a defect in the stamping process. These plates are stamped so hard, that daylight shows between the numbers -- making these old New Mexico license plates resemble the early slotted "radiator" plates from Illinois! Toughest/Most Rare New Mexico plates: Once again -- where to begin? The undated 1912 - 1913 is as old as New Mexico is a state. The early '20s porcelains with the proper tabs, is probably just as hard.

New & Old New Mexico License plate slogans:

  • Sunshine State
  • Land of Enchantment

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