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Best Antique Oregon license plates: Oregon half-year plates of the early 1930s are interesting, as it was the start of a long tradition to save costs by avoiding the new issue of license plates every year. Perhaps no other state has gotten so much mileage out staggered issues, tabs, old plates which remain valid for decades, and of course the windshield stickers -- which, from Oregon, are nice enough for even "pure tin" collectors to consider collecting them as well. Oregon's 1930 sticker, with its fancy lettering, looks like an ornate certificate which could have been issued by the Wizard of Oz. And the 1843 - 1943 Oregon Trail commemorative is as nice as any sticker issued by neighboring Idaho. Best of the "Not-so- Old Oregon license plates: The '40s era Delaware black tag porcelain beats Oregon in terms of longevity of "original" plates still valid after many decades. But Oregon wins with its genuinely dated, (not tabbed) gold-on-blue base, featuring an embossed '56' in the upper right. Toughest/Most Rare Oregon plates: The 1908 through 1910 undated cast metal Oregon plate was thought for many years to be a prestate. But it was indeed issued by the state. This is the toughest Oregon plate to find, though some might argue that because this big red odd-looking plate was optional, it is not a true "mandatory" first issue, and therefore not the first statewide "first issue", which would have actually begun with the dated 1911.

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