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Best Antique Wisconsin license plates: The earliest issue Wisconsin license plates look more like pre-states than state issues. Featuring riveted numbers on a flat base alongside a big conspicuous "W", all of the 1912 and 1913 plates also included a separate metal piece, affixed vertically, which bore the four-digit date. Wisconsin began issuing license plates in 1905, but only in 1911 was a metal date piece included. The rest were undated. Best of the "Not-so- Old Wisconsin license plates: Wisconsin's "wartime shorties" were an innovative foray into metal conservation. Beginning in November 1942, new registrants were issued small plates that bore no more than three letters or numbers in total combination. Bu 1943, four spaces were needed, and the '42 short license plates were dutifully tabbed just like all others, up until a new statewide base was issued in 1946.

Collectors of Wisconsin license plates should know that there are two versions of the 1940 red-on-white "America's Dairyland" plate. One featured "Wisconsin 1940" horizontally across the top, while the distinctly different one read "Wes 40" vertically down the center, as a separator between the registration numbers. Toughest/Most Rare Wisconsin plates: Being the earliest of all state issued license plates outside of New England, Wisconsin's first issue, (either undated, or bearing the 1911 date piece), is usually the last one required for any unfinished run.

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  • America's Dairyland

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